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Meet the Hanazuki Characters

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It's all up to the Moonflower, Hanazuki, to protect her moon and the many unique creatures who live there. As she figures out her world, she starts to see how powerful expressing every mood can be.

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Equal parts adorable and pesky, these bouncy little creatures are talented troublemakers. Despite their antics, the Hemka are the best (and cutest) friends Hanazuki could ask for.

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Little Dreamer

Mind-bogglingly mysterious, this sleepy little guy floats around handing out treasures. We might not always know what Little Dreamer is up to, but we do know he has the coolest style on the moon!

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For Kiazuki (also a Moonflower), her own moon's problems come first. She's bitter at the whole galaxy, and seeing Hanazuki's luck on her moon only makes it worse. Friend or foe, Kiazuki still has a ton to teach Hanazuki about this galaxy.

Sleepy Unicorn

Sleep Unicorn is extremely laid-back and most likely to take a nap on the spot! Don't bring up the past or why he doesn't use magic anymore—he'd rather not talk about it, and he'd fall asleep mid-sentence anyway.

Dazzlessence Jones

Shining, sparking, and fabulous, Dazzlessence Jones is a real gem—a diamond, to be exact! As self-appointed sheriff, Dazzlessence keeps as much order as possible on this wacky moon.

Chicken Plant

Chicken Plant has the body of a chicken, legs of a plant, and attitude like nothing else on this moon. She spends a lot of time trying to gobble up Hemka and spitting out cranky comments.

Mirror Plant

Mirror Plant takes on the appearance of others and reflects their thoughts and intentions—great for translations, interpretations, or accidentally revealing a secret!